A Matching System For Hiring 

Helping businesses, people, and communities grow through smart work matching

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Welcome to Zsara 

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Supercharge team creation at work

  • Build new teams leveraging Skill & Story based Profiles 

  • Unleash internal employee mobility to improve engagement

  • Identify hidden skills in your existing workforce

  • Pinpoint skill gaps to optimize external hiring

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Product & Hiring Managers Simplicity 

  • Build Projects, parameters, and Opportunities within Projects

  • Select Matches Proactively for exact people you need

  • Integrated with Hanna to recruit outside the company from public Pool

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Give Greater Purpose to your Employees

  • Fluid Employment through working in teams you’re interested

  • Match proactively with new opportunities you qualify for

  • Swipe left or right to decide it’s a good fit for you

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Current Industry Issues with Mobility

  • Product-line Brain Drain

  • Low Performance workers 

  • HR Latency 

  • People Leaving

  • Loss of Employee purpose

  • Costly pipeline to manage talent churn

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How do Employers and Recruiters  use Listee?

Listee integrates into all major job-boards and Applicant Tracking Systems to source and identify talent faster.

How Should Employers Contact Listee

We are available weekdays between 8 AM -7 PM PST. Please email founders@listee.net to begin collaboration